I have been slacking off and here is why

Lately, I have been slacking off and forgetting about my blog. Obviously, I have been very busy and trying really hard to get somewhere with my life. I have been working on my Instagram account, trying to keep it updated on a daily basis, working at my day job, volunteering in two different places, setting up a marketing campaign and visual identity for a tea brand. And overall trying to keep up with my personal life and laundry! I am going to try and update this blog a lot more frequently as it is a great platform for me to also share my thoughts on what I do.

Being a twenty-something person trying to make it in the field of art and culture in the UK is a tremendously difficult task. The amount of applicants per job is almost grotesque, having time to volunteer is nearly impossible if you wish to still have a job that allows you to eat at the end of the day. It’s a struggle, no one is in for the money though, people work in this field because they love it. It’s okay, it’s fine, it’s hard work but it will be rewarding eventually.